Privacy Policy

We warmly welcome you to our website (hereinafter “Web Radios”). We invite you to carefully read our Privacy Policy to learn about the conditions for browsing the website and for using the products and services offered, even when product purchases are not made. Likewise, we advise you to read the General Conditions of Use of the website for more information about data processing and the security systems and applications adopted. Ownership of the data subject to treatment: The owner of the data collected through this site is RADIOS WEB, which autonomously decides the purposes and methods of treatment, as well as the application of security procedures to guarantee privacy, the integrity and availability of the data. Discretion versus compulsory transmission and/or transfer of data: The transmission and/or transfer to WEB RADIOS of the personal data requested on the occasion of the different phases of collection and/or collection of those may be mandatory under the content and provisions of the regulations by which it is governed, although, in other cases, it will be discretionary. It will be specified indistinctly, in each of the cases, the mandatory or discretionary nature of the transmission and/or transfer of data -in relation to the personal data requested- due to the processing and/or collection of said information, distinguishing the mandatory fields by an asterisk (*). The eventual lack of communication to WEB RADIOS of the data corresponding to mandatory fields will prevent the achievement and/or the scope of the main purpose associated with the data collection. On the other hand, the non-communication of said data to RADIOS WEB could determine, for example, the impossibility of entering into any purchase contract for the products for sale on the website, as well as any contract for the supply of services. available in the aforementioned portal (eg: Assistance and Customer Service services. The transmission and/or transfer to WEB RADIOS of the data corresponding to non-mandatory fields (such as, for example, the fact of indicating my favorites) It will be discretionary or optional, so it will not affect in any way the fulfillment of the main purpose inherent in the collection of said data (eg: the use of the website and its services or the purchase of products , depending on the specific case.) Subjects and/or entities in charge of data processing The subjects and/or entities currently in charge of data processing are listed below: 1. TCC Messenger – Global Messenger and/or TC C – Transportadora Comercial USA responsible for processing the data necessary to make shipments, deliveries and returns of products purchased through our website. 2. RADIOS WEB (complete corporate data), in charge of processing the data concerning the management and maintenance services of the RADIOS WEB servers. 3. RADIOS WEB responsible for the treatment of the data necessary to offer and implement the Assistance and Customer Service services, dedicated to our users. 4. WEB RADIOS in charge of processing the data necessary to process and/or process orders and purchase orders for products through our website by end users. We invite you to review the content of this section periodically to learn about possible and eventual variations in relation to the subjects and/or entities listed here. Rights of the User: The User has the right to obtain confirmation regarding the processing of personal data concerning him by RADIOS WEB, even when they have not been registered, as well as their transmission and/or assignment in an intelligible manner. Likewise, the User has the right to know from RADIOS WEB the following: all information regarding the origin of their personal data; the purpose and method of processing your personal data; the method of management and/or processing of your data in case of treatment assisted by computer and/or other electronic devices; the identification data of the owner and those in charge of the treatment, and the name of the subjects or of the categories of subjects authorized to consult or know said data as those in charge of the treatment, among others. The treatment of all this data and information will be governed by the content and provisions of this Privacy Policy. Likewise, the User may request the following from RADIOS WEB at any time: a. The update, modification or integration of your personal data; b. the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or the blocking of personal data processed or disclosed in a manner contrary to the legislation in force, including those data that do not need to be kept by virtue of the purpose for which they were initially collected or processed later, and c. the verification or verification that the operations mentioned under sections a) and b), including their respective contents, have been made known to those subjects and/or entities to which the data has been transmitted or transferred, except when said practice or diligence is unfeasible or involves a clearly exorbitant deployment of means in relation to the right safeguarded. However, the User may object totally or partially, to. for sufficiently justified reasons, to the processing of personal data that concerns you, as long as they are useful for the purposes for which they were collected, as well as b. to the processing of personal data to proceed with the sending of advertising material, to carry out a direct marketing campaign or to carry out market research or disseminate a commercial communication plan. The User may freely exercise their rights at any time by writing to RADIOS WEB, either by messaging or by sending an email to the following e-mail address: [email protected] We will proceed to process all requests received promptly. In order to guarantee that your personal data is accurate, recent, complete and suitable, please notify us of any possible variation by email, sending a message to the following address: [email protected] We inform you that the regulations on data protection Personal data contemplates the possibility that RADIOS WEB -even without the express consent of the User- use the personal data present in its databases for direct sales activities of products similar to those already acquired previously, as long as the use of the e-mail address communicated for this purpose. We also inform you that by resolution of the Data Protection Authority, RADIOS WEB is authorized to use your postal address in order to send you – together with administrative and accounting documents – advertising related to products similar to those already acquired previously, as long as the use of the postal address communicated for this purpose is consented. RADIOS WEB will be obliged to provide a whole series of minimum or basic information related to the aforementioned points. For more information on the processing of personal data by RADIOS WEB, we invite you to read the entire text of this Privacy Policy. Summary of the Privacy Policy of RADIOS WEB Our Privacy Policy contemplates the following principles: 1. Process the data solely and exclusively for the legally established purposes and in accordance with the modalities included in the informative note displayed on the occasion of the data collection phase. data; 2. use personal data for purposes other than those specific ones for which they have been communicated, as long as they have the express consent of the User; 3. Facilitate access to personal data by third-party companies, solely and exclusively for the effective provision of the requested service, provided that they have been designated subjects and/or entities in charge of processing; not communicate the data, assign or transmit it to third parties for their own and typical commercial purposes without having previously informed the affected Users or having obtained their express consent; 4. respond and process requests for cancellation, modification, integration of the data provided or opposition to the processing of personal data to send commercial and advertising information, and 5. guarantee correct and lawful management of the data, safeguarding the anonymity of the Users and adopting, at the same time, the appropriate security measures to protect the secrecy, confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information provided. Use and purpose of the processing of personal data The processing of personal data of Users by RADIOS WEB or third parties takes place, fundamentally, electronically and telematically. Said subjects and/or entities in charge of the treatment, duly selected for meeting the reliability and competence requirements, carry out instrumental operations aimed at fulfilling and guaranteeing the purposes strictly related to the use of the website and its services, as well as to the purchase of products through said portal (see the section “Persons authorized to process personal data”). In general, data processing is necessary to be able to provide the following services available through our website: 1. data registration to be able to enjoy the services offered through the page; 2. subscription to other specific services, such as the newsletter, gift vouchers called GIFT CARD AND E-GIFT, my personal page and other similar information services about our commercial activity, the creation of a preferences section that allows you to exchange its contents, sending invitations to friends to join the communities and make you known among other users by sending us a photo and your data on musical preferences, video and other personal data; 3. management and/or processing of orders and related activities; 4. management of queries, doubts or problems of a technical and commercial nature, regarding the status of orders and other generic requests for information; 5. making contact with the referents of our services (Department of Marketing and Advertising, Department of Operations and Human Resources), and 6. presentation of candidacies and application for inclusion in our staff by sending CVs. The phase of processing data of a direct or indirect personal nature takes place, solely and exclusively, for the legally established purposes and in the cases strictly necessary. For this reason, we have configured the page according to parameters that considerably restrict the use of and access to the User’s personal data. In this way, the processing of data is excluded or avoided provided that the purposes pursued in each case can be achieved through the use of anonymous data (such is the case, for example, of market studies aimed at improving services ) or according to other modalities that allow the interested party to be identified only in case of need or request by the competent authorities and the police forces (as occurs with the data related to the traffic and the User’s visit to the page website or inherent to your IP address). The content of the aforementioned article expressly provides that, in some cases, personal data may be used, with the express consent of the affected subject, to prepare and/or create profiles based on the preferences of the User and the purchases made by him. . Said procedure is aimed at sending useful and appropriate information that meets the demands and interests of the User. With the exception (according to which the owner may use the data to carry out advertising mailings about the products and services offered, analogous to those previously acquired, except in the event of opposition to such use), RADIOS WEB may use any data of a character personal to send the User advertising about their own services and products, provided that they have the prior consent of the interested party. The User’s personal data will only be communicated or transferred to third parties with the prior consent of the latter, except in cases where current regulations provide for the mandatory nature of said communication or when it represents a necessary procedure for legally required purposes, whose implementation does not requires the consent of the interested party. In these cases, access to said data will be provided to third parties so that they can process and/or manage them autonomously, solely and exclusively for the aforementioned purposes (eg: in case of request by the police forces , of the judiciary or other competent bodies and authorities, or to comply with the obligations arising from the contract entered into with the User.Some of the services offered through our website also provide for the dissemination of the personal data of a certain User to the remaining registered Users, a fact that is verified when subscribing to the section of COMMUNITIES OR MY PROFILE ON WEB RADIOS Any other purpose of data processing apart from that specifically provided for and for which all Users provide their personal data, will appear reflected in the aforementioned informative note. Likewise, RADIOS WEB may pursue said purpose only if it has the prior express consent to do so. (This occurs, for example, in the specific case of preparing the customer’s profile based on their preferences and habitual purchases). On the other hand, data processing can pursue different purposes for which the current regulations provide for the exemption from giving consent. By way of example, RADIOS WEB may use the personal data of any User without the need for prior consent on their part when this implies complying with a legally required obligation, or what is the same, when it is necessary to implement the contractual obligations assumed. before the User (this is verified when making purchases of products or when requesting any of the specific services available through our website). There is the possibility that RADIOS WEB processes and/or manages personal data related to third parties that have been transmitted or assigned directly by the Users of RADIOS WEB (eg: acquisition by the User of a product to be delivered to a friend; settlement of the purchase price of the product by a person other than the recipient of said item; advertising by the User to a friend of a service available on the website or notification of the sale offer of a certain product). In cases such as the above, RADIOS WEB will inform the third party in question about the content, although the User will have the obligation to eventually obtain the consent of the person to whom said data refers before communicating them to RADIOS WEB, at the same time that you must inform the subject in question about this Privacy and Confidentiality Policy. Thus, the User will be solely and solely responsible for the communication of information and data concerning third parties without their express consent, as well as for any possible inappropriate use or use contrary to the law. We inform the User that it will not be necessary to have the consent of these people when proceeding to communicate to RADIOS WEB the data related to the subject in question for the conclusion of the contract with RADIOS WEB in favor of a third party. RADIOS WEB reserves the right to cancel the accounts in my profile or communities and all related data in case of detecting or appreciating illegal and harmful content for the image of RADIOS WEB and/or its products or those of third parties, as well as well as offensive content or content that incites, promotes and advertises illegal or defamatory activities, content of a pornographic nature, violent or that promotes discrimination for reasons of difference in musical tastes, race or ethnicity, sex, creed or sexual orientation. Persons authorized to process personal data: In relation to certain activities, RADIOS WEB has decided to use third parties for the processing of Users’ personal data. The third parties that carry out these activities have been carefully selected and have the experience, capacity and reliability necessary for this purpose, while offering sufficient guarantee of full compliance with the provisions in force regarding data processing, including the ideal level of protection and safeguarding of data. Said subjects have been designated for this purpose “in charge of data processing” and carry out their respective activities and functions in accordance with the instructions of RADIOS WEB and under its direct supervision. We carry out periodic controls in order to guarantee that those in charge carry out the tasks that have been entrusted to them and that they offer, at all times, sufficient guarantees regarding full respect for the provisions on the protection and safeguarding of personal data. personal. The managers assigned to the different services will ensure the processing of the User’s data. The categories of employees and/or managers who carry out these activities will depend on the purposes for which the data has been transmitted and will be reflected in the informative note displayed on the occasion of the communication of the User’s personal data. Cookies Our website uses automatic data collection systems not directly provided or communicated by the User, such as cookies. The cookie is a device that is transmitted to the User’s hard drive. Although it does not contain understandable information, it allows the User’s identity to be associated with the personal data that he leaves on the website. Cookies are located on our server, so that no one can access the information it contains. Only RADIOS WEB processes and/or manages the information collected and obtained through cookies solely and exclusively in an anonymous and aggregate form, in order to optimize its own services and website in relation to the specific requirements and preferences of its Users. Thus, for example, we have adjusted the cookies with respect to the functions of searching and/or browsing the catalogue, purchases of products online and the supply and provision of “COMMUNITIES” services. The Internet browser allows you to delete cookies at the end of each session. Also, the Web browser contains the operating instructions for such cancellation procedures. Please refer to the instructions. The acceptance of and compliance with the automatic data collection procedures and the use of cookies are necessary to browse the website and access its services, including the purchase of products. In case of having activated the option of canceling cookies, RADIOS WEB does not guarantee the User the complete visualization of some Web pages or the supply of some services, such as the storage and internal visualization of the Web pages, for its part, of the selected products under the online purchase modality. Security measures We adopt appropriate security measures in order to minimize the risk of destruction or loss -even accidental- of data, unauthorized access or illicit treatment that does not comply with the purposes of data collection indicated in our Privacy Policy . However, RADIOS WEB cannot guarantee the Users themselves that the measures adopted, both for the security of the site and the procedure for transmitting data and other information through said page, limit or exclude any hypothetical risk of illicit access or leakage. of data as a result of the use of devices owned by the User. We advise all Users to ensure that their PC has adequate computer programs for the protection and security of network data transmission, whether they are sent or received (such as updated antivirus systems), and that their Internet service provider has adopted the necessary measures to guarantee the security of data transmission on the network (eg: firewalls and anti-spam filters against junk mail). Links to other websites Our page contains links to other websites that are not necessarily related to the activity of RADIOS WEB. RADIOS WEB does not carry out control or supervision operations of said websites or their respective contents. RADIOS WEB will be exempt from any responsibility that may emanate from the contents of said pages and the regulations adopted by them, even when they are related to the confidentiality and treatment of the User’s personal data during navigation operations. Likewise, we recommend that the User act with due diligence when connecting to these pages through the links on our website and carefully read the General Conditions of Use of the aforementioned sites, as well as the respective Privacy Policies. Our Privacy Policy does not apply to third party websites. Our website contains links to these pages for the sole purpose of facilitating the User’s search operations, navigation and online hypertext link to other sites. The activation of the links does not imply any recommendation or advertising of WEB RADIOS for access to and navigation through these pages, nor does it imply any guarantee in relation to its contents, services offered or articles marketed to Internet Users. Contact information If you wish to receive more information about the processing of your personal data by RADIOS WEB, send us an email to the following address: [email protected] Applicable legislation This Privacy Policy is governed by American regulations, which regulates the processing of personal data -including those from abroad- carried out by any subject resident or with legal domicile in the USA. The aforementioned code guarantees the processing of personal data in the strictest respect for the fundamental rights and freedoms and the dignity of the interested party, with particular emphasis on confidentiality, personal identity and the right to safeguard personal data. . General: This Privacy Policy is intended to explain our privacy practices and inform you about: • The type of personal information we collect from users of the Site and how we collect such information. • How we use your Personal Information. • The circumstances under which we disclose Personal Information to third parties. • How you can access, update or delete the Personal Information we have about you, and • The mechanisms we have put in place to protect your Personal Information. This Site is offered and directed only to users over the age of thirteen (13) residing in Latin America. If you are under thirteen (13) years of age, or the age of majority is required for certain sections, or you do not reside in Latin America, please immediately stop using the Site, or if for any reason you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, please do not participate in the sections, activities and services that require you to provide your Personal Information. This Privacy Policy is part of the Terms and Conditions established in our Agreement. The terms that were not defined in this Privacy Policy will have the scope given in the Agreement. Both the Privacy Policy and the Agreement are legally binding on all users. We reserve the right to review, modify and update this Privacy Policy at any time and without prior notice. Such revisions will be effective immediately upon posting. Notices of material changes to any document will be placed on the home page of the Site, or notified by email or notice upon registration on the page; the form of such notification is at our sole discretion. However, we ask that you regularly review this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use Agreement for updates. If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please send an email to: [email protected] When you enter the Site and provide information, we collect Personal Information, whether you are registering to use a service, section or function of the Site, participating in Promotions (as defined in the Agreement), ordering or purchasing products or participating in any other type of exchange of information, transactions and activities. We may use the information we collect, including your Personal Information, to reconstruct your experience on the Site, display content that we think may be of interest to you, or to customize what you see when you visit the Site according to your preferences. to. Collection of Personal Information during the Registration Process. To register as a user of the Site, You will be required to choose a username and password (collectively, your User ID), and will be asked to provide other personal information such as email address, first and last names, gender, date of birth , country and postal code. During the Registration process, other personal information (not mandatory) may be requested. We will allow you to change your user password, as well as certain personal data or Sensitive Personal Information that you have given us to keep your data updated, but once you choose a name user will not be able to change it. Among other things, this type of information allows us to securely identify you as a registered or updated user of the Site and its sections and features. You will not be able to change your date of birth without the necessary verification. All member benefits are free. As a registered user of the Site we may periodically offer you certain options to subscribe to a selection of free electronic newsletters and other periodic information. You can also select these options at the time of registration or by responding to invitations that you may receive later. You may also unsubscribe (cancel) or change your preferences at any time by logging in with your username and changing your account preferences. You may also opt-out of a particular electronic communication by replying to the email and using the opt-out or “opt-out” procedure included in the communication. If you are a registered user, you acknowledge, understand and hereby agree to give us your consent to monitor your activities and use of the Site in connection with your Registration. You also agree to this Privacy Policy and the Agreement. b. Collection of Personal Information during the Registration Process or in connection with certain sections and functions. During registration (and possibly at other times to enable the use of other sections or functions for security reasons), we will ask you to provide us with additional information to allow you to use such functions, such as chat rooms, forums, email services email, messaging services, auctions, shopping, registration and user profile pages. c. Collection of Personal Information in connection with Promotions such as Contests and Sweepstakes. Although we offer the ability to register on the Site, it is not always necessary to register as a user of the Site to participate in promotions such as contests and sweepstakes. There may be a separate registration process that will require the user to provide some or all of the following information: first and last name, home address, city, state, and email address, phone number, and date of birth. Additional Personal Information may be requested depending on the specific promotion, but is not required. The entry page for the promotion and/or its rules will detail the necessary requirements. You may also sign up to receive special promotions or offers from our Sponsors in connection with many of these types of promotions. d. Use of Personal Information in Connection with Promotions and Offers, Exit Procedures. We, or our Affiliates, may contact registered users of the Site or other users who have registered for or participated in Site events, promotions or transactions, or may send them offers to purchase items and/or services that may be of interest to them. users. You may unsubscribe from receiving emails with commercial promotions or text messages at any time by entering the main page of the site, selecting the link to “Your Account”, and then being able to (1) request unsubscription or (2 ) change your preferences. You can also use the opt-out mechanism included in emails and text messages. However, we or our Affiliates may continue to contact you by email for administrative or informational purposes, including follow-up messages about managing your account, services or features you have signed up for or registered to use, promotions on you have participated, the goods and/or services you have ordered, or other transactions you have made on the site. In the event that we or our Affiliates unknowingly send an email or text message to a minor under the age of 13, or “Ineligible Teen” who has registered on the Site in violation of the Site Terms of Use Agreement, the minor (or Ineligible Adolescent) or their parents or guardians shall have the right to opt out of future email or text message notifications by following the exit mechanism contained in the same message, or requiring the cancellation of the registration of the minor or Ineligible Adolescent. Eligible and your registered user status. The same cancellation procedure applies to the parent or guardian of the minor. Please see the Section “Reviewing, Updating or Deleting Your Personal Information” for more details. and. Access to Aggregated Information by Third Parties. Some aggregate data we collect may be shared with Sponsors, Affiliates or other business partners of the Site, its Parent Companies, and/or its Affiliates, but we do not provide Personal Information to them as part of the relationship, except as described in this Privacy Policy. Their use of tracking technology is subject to their own privacy policies. F. Participation in Communities. If you use any of the Communities features available on the Site, remember that the information displayed in these sections becomes public immediately. Please use caution when providing Personal Information in the Communities, as you do not know who will access and use the information or for what purposes. RADIOS WEB is not responsible, under any circumstances, for the accuracy, misuse of the information, including Personal Information, that you provide or receive through these functions and you are warned that any information you provide in these sections will be public immediately, even without your knowledge or authorization. • Mobile Marketing Services and Promotion Opportunities: RADIOS WEB can offer users and the general public the opportunity to register to receive special Promotions, services, news, programming and information through text messages and other mobile mechanisms such as cell phones. and, in case of doing so, users must give their consent to receive said information by RADIOS WEB, either by registering on the Site or through their mobile device. Said services and promotional opportunities are offered by the Affiliates on behalf of RADIOS WEB. Personal Information required as part of the online registration process may include the user’s telephone or email address, but only if specifically required, and the name of the operator. Optional information may be requested for specific promotions, such as user preferences for goods and services, musical and artistic tastes, or other similar statistical data. Depending on the promotion, we may also ask for an email address or other information and, depending on the information collected, the user may be asked to confirm their agreement with this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use Agreement. of wireless transmissions are not secure and there is a high risk that an unknown third party intercepts the user’s messages or Personal Information when using a mobile device. Users registered in the mobile marketing services of RADIOS WEB understand and accept that they must pay the service operator for the messages sent to the user from RADIOS WEB. Standard courier charges will apply, unless otherwise stated. Under no circumstances will the Site, RADIOS WEB, its Parent Companies or Affiliates be responsible for the charges generated by emails or texts incurred by the user or by the person who has access to the user’s mobile device, their telephone number, or email address. email. to. Record. For mobile marketing services there are two forms of registration offered by RADIOS WEB. Promotions at the Standard price will be subject to either the “single registration” option or the “double registration” option (site/sms), at the discretion of RADIOS WEB depending on the type of Promotion. Premium rate services will require “double sign-up” (Site/sms or sms/sms) • Single Sign-up Method: In response to print, radio, television, Internet or other promotional messages, users must send a specific word or code via text message to a specified phone number to sign up for the promoted service. The voluntary sending of the word or code to RADIOS WEB will mean that the user has freely and affirmatively granted permission for RADIOS WEB to send text messages. WEB RADIOS will thank the user for registering by sending a “Thank You” message. The user may terminate the service at any time by using the cancel command in any WEB RADIOS text message or by sending a text message to WEB RADIOS saying “STOP”, “TERMINATE”, “CANCEL”, “REMOVE” or ” REMOVE”. • Dual Signup Method (Site/SMS): In response to print, radio, television, Internet, or other promotional messages, users will be directed to the Site to begin the registration process. The user must give consent for RADIOS WEB to send messages to the number indicated (or email address, only if required by RADIOS WEB) and by clicking on the declaration of consent on the registration page of the Site. The user must also accept the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use Agreement before completing the registration process. RADIOS WEB will then send a “Confirmation” message to the number indicated by the user and will require the user to confirm that they agree to receive messages from RADIOS WEB on that particular phone number (or mobile domain). The user must respond to the “Confirmation” message with a text that says “Yes” or “Yes” indicating their acceptance of the mobile marketing service of RADIOS WEB. Until the user responds to the confirmation message, she is not registered for the service subject to the promotion. The user can respond to the confirmation at any time provided that RADIOS WEB may choose to suspend the service at any time and the user’s response to the confirmation will only be valid if the response is received while RADIOS WEB continues to offer the specific marketing mobile service. • Double Sign-up Method (SMS/SMS): In response to print, radio, TV, Internet, or other promotional messages, users will be required to send a specific word or code via text message to a specified phone number. to register for the promoted service. RADIOS WEB will then send a “Confirmation” message to the number indicated by the user and will require the user to confirm that they agree to receive messages from RADIOS WEB on that particular phone number (or mobile domain). The user must respond to the “Confirmation” message with a text that says “Yes” or “Yes” indicating their acceptance of the mobile marketing service of RADIOS WEB. Until the user responds to the confirmation message, she is not registered for the service subject to the promotion. The user can respond to the confirmation at any time provided that RADIOS WEB may choose to suspend the service at any time and the user’s response to the confirmation will only be valid if the response is received while RADIOS WEB continues to offer the specific mobile marketing service. b. Cancellation of the Mobile Service by the User. Beyond the registration method chosen to register, users may revoke the consent granted to receive messages from RADIOS WEB through the following procedure: The user may cancel one or more services through their mobile device at any time using the mechanism to terminate the subscription provided by WEB RADIOS along with the message, or by sending a text that says “STOP”, “END”, “CANCEL”, “REMOVE” or “DELETE”. RADIOS WEB may cancel the registration of the user to the most recent service that has been sent to him. Any of these words followed by the word “ALL” in the cancellation request will be understood as that you want all the user’s mobile services with RADIOS WEB to be suspended. c. Cancellation of the Mobile Service by RADIOS WEB. The user understands and accepts that RADIOS WEB may, at its absolute discretion, terminate its offer of a specific mobile marketing service or all of them at any time without prior notice. RADIOS WEB reserves the right to notify cancellations or changes in the services of this Site. d. Use of Information. RADIOS WEB will not use telephone or cell numbers, conventional or Internet email addresses, or other Personal Information submitted in connection with the mobile service for any other purpose than to offer the required service, unless previously notified. We will not share Personal Information with Sponsors or other third parties unless you authorize us to share it. We will share Personal Information with service providers who assist us in delivering these services and with Parent Companies and Affiliates. 3. Truthfulness and Confidentiality: It is your responsibility to provide us with current, complete, reliable and accurate information, including Personal Information, and to keep it up to date. We cannot and will not be held responsible for any problems or liabilities arising from your failure to provide us with accurate, truthful or complete information or your failure to keep it up to date. You will be solely responsible for maintaining the strict confidentiality of your User ID, if applicable, and for any changes, costs, expenses, damages, obligations and losses that we may incur or suffer as a result of your omission. You, and not us, will be solely responsible for your activity, behavior and use of the Site and for any use or any activity or conduct in connection with the Site by third parties using your User ID, unless and until you notify us that your User ID has been compromised, stolen or misused by third parties. Please note that submitting information does not guarantee that we will allow you to use all or any features of the Site. 4. “Cookies” and Other Aggregated Information: We use “cookie” technology to collect information about your visit to the Site. This information is stored in the aggregate and is not used to identify any particular user or individual. We use cookies and similar tracking technologies in many ways, including: • To keep track of your return visits to the Site or the sites of our Parent Companies, Affiliates, Sponsors or partners; • Store and report aggregate, statistical data in connection with the Site; • Determine which features users like the most; and • Save your User ID or other information so that You do not have to re-enter it each time You visit the Site. This Site may contain advertisements, references and links to other Internet sites and organizations. We may also use the services of third parties to display or offer advertising on the Site and our electronic magazines or other communications that You may choose to receive. These Sponsors often employ cookies and Internet tracking technologies to measure the effectiveness of advertising. You acknowledge and agree that different rules apply to the collection, use or disclosure of your Personal Information by third parties in connection with their advertising, promotions and other sites you find on the Internet. The use of such technology by these third parties is under their control and not ours. Even if we have a relationship with such third parties, we do not control those sites or their policies and practices regarding your Personal Information. This Privacy Policy does not cover any use of Personal Information that Sponsors or their representatives may collect from You. You are responsible for investigating and consulting directly with them in this regard. Sponsors’ use of tracking technology is subject to each Sponsor’s privacy policy. Although we may track user numbers to inform us how best to update the Site and improve the experience for all of our users, Personal Information is not collected in this process. We use tracking information on an aggregate basis to help us operate the Site, improve our services, the appearance of the Site, and display advertising and marketing information. You can choose to have your computer warn you each time a cookie or image is being sent, or you can choose to turn off all of these devices. This can be done through your browser. If you turn off cookies, you may not have access to many of the Site’s features that make your Internet experience more efficient and enjoyable – such as the features mentioned above – and some of our other services may not function properly. 5. Privacy of your Postings (“Postings”): We respect the privacy of the contents of any Personal Information related to or contained in a Posting, except that the information is intended for disclosure (such Personal Information, except that is submitted for disclosure is called “Sensitive Personal Information”). However, we reserve the right to monitor, edit, and disclose your use of the Site or Sensitive Personal Information to third parties, if we believe that such action is required by law or is necessary in order to protect and defend our rights, enforce this Privacy Policy or the terms of the Agreement, or protect the interests of our users, Sponsors, Parent Companies, Affiliates, licensors, vendors, operational service providers, and others. Please read the Agreement for more details on the display of content. 6. Disclosure to Third Parties: We do not sell, rent, rent or disclose your Personal Information to unaffiliated entities or entities that are not our Sponsors, except in the limited circumstances listed below. As stated above, we will disclose Personal Information related to or included in a Placement in connection with the disclosure and other services related to such Placement as such Personal Information is intended to be disclosed. When we plan to disclose your Personal Information to Sponsors, we ask that you opt-out, in which case the use of your Information is subject to the Sponsor’s own privacy policies. We may disclose Personal Information to Affiliates for promotional and/or administrative purposes and You will have the right to opt out of such Posting for promotional purposes. (For opt-out procedures, please see the section of this Privacy Policy entitled “Use of Personal Information in Connection with Promotions and Offers; Opt-out Procedures”). In the following situations, we may share information with third party companies: a. Services and Functions of Co-Sponsor (Co-Branded). The Site may also offer Co-Sponsor Services and Features, such as events and Promotions that we place in conjunction with another company or our Affiliates (“Co-Sponsor”). Such services and features may be hosted on our Site and/or our Co-Sponsor’s site. We may share your Personal Information with our Co-Sponsor and your voluntary use of or participation in a Co-Sponsor service or feature means that You choose and consent to both the Site and our Co-Sponsor to collect and use your provided Personal Information. during the registration process and/or in connection with the specific Co-Sponsor service or feature for the performance of the feature or service and for promotional or administrative purposes. If You wish to opt out of the Co-Sponsor’s future use of Your Personal Information for promotional purposes, You must contact the Partner directly. The Co-Sponsor will be identified in the service or role of Co-Sponsor. Registered users or other users participating in certain Content Posting services, such as video uploads, agree that certain Personal Information displayed on the Site or Platforms (as defined in the User Content Submission Agreement referring to User uploads of videos) or, if such feature is offered in connection with a Co-Sponsor, on our Co-Sponsor’s site in connection with the display of the video uploaded and displayed on any platform on which the uploaded video can be exposed. Registered users or other users who upload videos may be required to include additional Personal Information. b. Operational Service Providers. We also have the right to disclose your Personal Information to third parties for the purpose of administering and maintaining the services, features, selections and operations of the Site. We will refer to these third parties as “operational service providers”. We use the services of operational service providers to efficiently deliver the full range of content, activities, services, features and selections that we offer to You and require that our operational service provider also protect your privacy and not disclose your Personal Information or Sensitive Personal Information to third-party advertisers that are not associated with the Site or WEB RADIOS. In addition, such operational service providers are not permitted to use your Personal Information or Sensitive Personal Information for their own marketing or advertising purposes. c. Other Non-Affiliated Third Parties. We will disclose your Personal Information or Sensitive Personal Information to unaffiliated third parties in the following limited circumstances: • When we are required to do so at the request of a government agency, court or other entity (eg, to respond to subpoenas, court orders or legal action); • When we believe that your actions violate any law, regulation, the Agreement, including, without limitation, this Privacy Policy, or any of our other terms and conditions, Rules, offerings, or any other service, feature, or selection of the Site, or if you threaten the rights, property or safety of the Site, WEB RADIOS, Parent Companies, Affiliates, or any of its operating service providers, licensors, suppliers, Sponsors, customers, users, or any other party; • When, in our sole discretion, we believe such disclosure is necessary or appropriate to investigate or resolve potential problems or requests, to protect our business and assets, to defend our interests, and/or to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations; or • In the event of bankruptcy, merger, acquisition, transfer of control, joint venture, or other business consolidation involving us, or our Parent or Affiliated Companies. 7. Security and Protection of Personal Information: We maintain reasonable standards of security and confidentiality. However, for most Internet Sites, transmissions or private communications may be unlawfully intercepted or accessed by third parties over an insecure transmission. We carry out financial transactions via secured transmissions but may not always secure other parts of the Site. We also limit access to the Site by our own employees to those individuals who are authorized to properly handle such information, and any employee found to be violating our security and confidentiality guidelines will be subject to our disciplinary processes. We request that our operational service providers follow the same policy. 8. Fraudulent acquisition of confidential information—Fishing or “Phishing”: This type of attack seeks to steal consumer personal identity information and bank account credentials. Perpetrators of these practices use ‘spoofed’ emails to lure consumers into fake pages designed to trick recipients into divulging Personal Information such as credit card numbers, account holders, passwords, and security identification numbers Social. WE DO NOT SEND EMAILS ASKING YOU TO PROVIDE OR CONFIRM SENSITIVE PERSONAL INFORMATION OR YOUR USERNAME OR PASSWORD! If you receive such a communication via email, please forward it immediately to the email address: [email protected] and then immediately remove the fraudulent email from your computer. 9. Review, Update or Delete Your Personal Information: Generally, You may review, update or delete your Personal Information or Sensitive Personal Information collected by the Site. You can also correct inaccurate data. However, Personal Information that is necessary to verify a user’s suitability, such as a user’s date of birth or age, may not be deleted, but may be modified with sufficient verification of correct information. Deletion or attempted deletion of certain Personal Information, such as your username, may not be permitted and/or may result in the suspension of Your account or termination of any subscription You have made. To review, update, or delete your Personal Information or Sensitive Personal Information collected by the Site, please click on the “MY ACCOUNT” button on the Site to log into your account with your username. There choose the link that says “YOUR ACCOUNT info.” To change, update, or delete your Personal Information. If You wish to review Personal Information collected for Promotions such as competitions and sweepstakes, You must contact the email with Your request at: [email protected] and be ready to provide verification of Your identity. Personal Information collected for certain disclosures is subject to corporate and regulatory filing requirements and will not be deleted at the user’s request, unless the user is under 13 years of age. Minors under the age of 13, or others who do not meet the age requirements for certain features of this Site (“Ineligible Teens”), who register on the Site are in violation of the Agreement. Parents (including legal guardians) of minors or Ineligible Teens who registered on the Site in violation of the Agreement who wish to cancel the membership of the minors or Ineligible Teens must use the User ID of the minors or Ineligible Teens. Eligible to obtain direct access to the account, and select “EDIT ACCOUNT” or alternatively, You can send us an email to [email protected] and provide us with the User ID of the minor or Ineligible Teenager and request that the account be canceled. account and subscription of the minor or Ineligible Teenager. We will not allow direct access to a user account and Personal Information by anyone without the User ID (please read above on how to change your preferences or the information associated with your account). If a parent or legal guardian does not have the User ID of the minor or Ineligible Adolescent, said parent or legal guardian will be asked to send an email to [email protected] that includes the name of the parent, mother or legal guardian, address, telephone and email address, as well as the name and email address of the minor or Ineligible Teenager as registered on the Site, and the date of birth of the minor or Ineligible Teenager. The father, mother or legal guardian must also provide verifiable identification that proves that he is the father, mother or legal guardian of the minor or Ineligible Adolescent. WEB RADIOS will send a confirmation email via the email address provided to verify that the parent or legal guardian wishes to cancel the account and subscription of the minor or Ineligible Teenager. The parent or legal guardian then has to confirm by sending a reply email to the indicated reply address. RADIOS WEB may cancel the account of the minor or Ineligible Adolescent but reserves the right to notify the minor or Ineligible Adolescent of the cancellation request via email and identify the name, address and email address of the person who has made application. We reserve the right to deny access, usage privileges and subscription to any user, including without limitation a registered user, of any services, features or selections on the Site if we believe there is any doubt as to the identity of the individual. attempting to access the user’s account or any service, function or selection. And if the burden or expense of providing access to your Personal Information is disproportionate to the risks to your privacy, or if the legitimate rights of third parties may be violated, we may decide not to provide access to such information. In such cases, we will provide you with an explanation of why access cannot be provided and contact information for further inquiries. 10. Questions: If you have questions about this Privacy Policy or if you do not understand any information regarding how we collect, maintain, use or share your Personal Information, you can contact us directly by sending an email to: info@radiosweb. live 11. Integrity: This document contains the full terms of the Site’s Privacy Policy and supersedes and supersedes any other summary, version or privacy statement or privacy policy of the Site.